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Stephanie Van Schoyck

Stephanie is a Lightworker, a gifted Multidimensional Healer and an Intuitive & Conscious Channel. She assists in elevating consciousness through frequency light and sound, bringing forth one’s healing abilities and gifts, and connecting them to their divine crystalline heart complex and blueprint. Within this, she works with the nadial system with both sentient beings and Gaia. Stephanie is also a volunteer with the planning team and facilitates various events such as the Awake & Empowered Expo, Weekend in Wizardry, and the Mentorship Program.
In her spare time, Stephanie loves to sing, laugh, be one with nature, hike, travel, and enjoys her time with loved ones. She also finds pleasure in painting, writing, dancing, meditation, sacred breathwork, energy healing, and all that involves holding this sacred world in love.

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