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Jillian Gibson

Jillian’s spiritual awakening started in 2015 when she lost her grandmother to cancer and saw the effects of chemo first hand. As a mother, she also began investigating foods and vaccines and their effects on child development. Coming from a family who chose not to vaccinate, she never understood why everyone seemed so shocked when she said she was never vaccinated. Searching for information, resources and like-minded individuals, Jillian found the Flower of Life and quickly took a position as speaker coordinator for the organization’s international expo. She also played a significant role in the launching of Flower of Life’s first day camp for Conscious Youth, Weekend in Wizardry. In addition to her volunteer positions, Jillian will be a substitute teacher this fall and her goal is to make an impact on the earth’s children, helping them learn to follow their intuition and become aware while also helping adults to support them on their spiritual journey.

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