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Melissa Muñoz

Melissa serves as the Exhibitor Coordinator on the Awake and Empowered Expo planning team.  She works directly with vendors both prior to, and the day of the Expo to assist with vendor registration and general logistics. Her main goals are to solicit vendors that will offer a diversity of products and services for attendees, and to ensure a pleasant and seamless experience for vendors.

Melissa joined the Expo planning team after first attending the October 2013 Expo and experiencing a shift that altered her life course and put her on her path to spiritual wholeness and awareness. The healing and positive energy she experienced at the Expo was tangible for Melissa and she wanted to lend her energy in bringing this event to others.

Her career also overcame transformation during same time. Melissa left her corporate work in the financial investments industry to immerse herself into raising her consciousness and finding her purpose in this lifetime.  And as a volunteer with the Flower of Life Center, Melissa has landed softly, finding her spiritual family and evolving into the person and healing work she is meant to do.

Melissa is a gifted healer, an empath, a light worker, and a massage and craniosacral therapist. This unique combination has lead her on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery where she is uncovering her truths. Melissa considers herself to be a continuous work in progress where she is constantly learning, evolving, growing, and healing. She has learned that by healing others, she will heal herself.  Melissa has been gifted with the ability to work in unison with the collective consciousness to assist the human body in facilitating its own healing process.  With the loving and patient guidance of Angels, Spirit Guides, and spiritual teachers, Melissa has been able to assist others who are willing and ready to heal their body of physical illness, past life karma, and current life traumas.

Besides spirituality, Melissa has a love of all things outdoors and enjoys connecting with nature. She is married with two adult children that live in Colorado, and shares her home with her three dogs and cats. 

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