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Dr. Dream: Front Man For Source

Traditional healing, urban shamanism, modern technology, essential oils, body energy work, and a Metatron mat are just a few of the fifteen plus modalities Dr. Dream has at his disposal in his life's work of gently guiding people along their process of becoming their true self. In a recent interview Dr. Dream covered the gamut including his report from the front lines of the increasing global consciousness to how he is able to assist an individual's inner journey by stepping into the power of who they have come here to be.

Dr. Dream represents the new line of healers and body workers that are leading the charge towards an ever growing consciousness of what is possible for humanity. A bold holistic healer with a toolbox that would make the mainstream medical industry envious, his following, work, and impact can’t be denied. Dr. Dream's journey started at age 12 during a trip to Machu Picchu where he states that “ The experience awakened something within me” From there it was off to the races to learn, first hand, a laundry list of healing modalities to eventually create what would be his own unique approach.

The Energy of the Group

One of the powerful methods that Dr. Dream has explored is the dynamic of group energy to heal, raise consciousness, and remove energetic blocks. Using such devices as Rife frequency technology, crystals, and flower essences, the energy of the group can become magnified to create greater benefits to the participants. And it’s having an impact. Over the last 40 months Dr. Dream has done 180 sessions in 101 cities throughout the world as a part of his Universal Love Galacitivation tour along with Laura Eisenhower. Snagging the keynote position at many conferences, his teachings and insights are in high demand. He had this to say about his sessions: “We use tools and modalities in a group energetic to assist people in experiencing a more expansive feeling of universal love.” 

Gandhi Knows Best:

Dr. Dream's interest and purpose is teaching others. He cautions for people “not to put so much weight on what they perceive outside of themselves, rather to shift the focus to what they are feeling from themselves, what they are doing, and what they are being.” It's estimated that roughly ¾ of the world is coming in at 200 on David HawkinsMap of Consciousness”. For those not familiar, this would mean that most are using force rather than their individual power to interact with the world and others. With that in mind, it is also said that one person coming in at 600 on that same scale makes up for 10 million coming in at 200 or below. If this holds true, the work of Dr. Dream and many others in the area of raising consciousness is absolutely essential to the future of humanity.

Tools for the Inner Journey

Dr. Dream will be the first to say that of his fifteen plus modalities (twenty plus if you add Laura Eisenhower together forming the “Dream Team”) the power of an individual's focus and intention is by far the strongest and most effective. In his work he combines modern technology such as Rife frequency technology and laser light embedded with 500 different algorithms dealing with health & wellness. Dr. Dream also employs the ability to gently guide people on their inner journey which he's termed “Inner Shamanism”. Another staple of his work is the use of flower essences, Rose Otto essential oil being one of his favorite, as it is the highest frequency of all the essential oils. In his words, the purpose of the inner work he assists people in is to help them “Understand how our experiences have programmed and conditioned ourselves to be a certain way and to decide if that's still what we choose based on where our consciousness is at”. In addition he adds “We never know who in our families or our communities are waiting for us to step into our role, be authentic, and live the true nature of who we are. When we do that it gives everyone else permission to do the same thing”

As Source’s front man, you could imagine that one would stay very busy. Below is a list of the many aspects of Dr. Dream’s work. You will find everything from a weekly podcast that is growing quickly with the new addition of the Wolf Spirit Radio simulcast, a tireless international Tour of Love alongside Laura Eisenhower, and actively supporting the dreams of others as a financial backer and facilitator in partnership with




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