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Smoking Is Being Wiped Out Without Having To Ban It

Prevent Disease - July 19, 2017 - 4:28pm
Smoking rates have been slowly falling in Western countries for decades. Soon, the habit could be wiped out, without even having to ban it.
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Foreign Language Ignites Infants' Learning

Prevent Disease - July 18, 2017 - 3:16am
For years, scientists and parents alike have touted the benefits of introducing babies to two languages: Bilingual experience has been shown to improve cognitive abilities, especially problem-solving. And for infants raised in households where two languages are spoken, that bilingual learning happens almost effortlessly. But how can babies in monolingual households develop such skills?
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Drinking Coffee Could Lead To A Longer Life

Prevent Disease - July 14, 2017 - 5:52am
Here’s another reason to start the day with a cup of joe: Scientists have found that people who drink coffee appear to live longer.
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Chemo Making Cancer Worse Says Yet Another Peer Reviewed Medical Journal

Prevent Disease - July 12, 2017 - 6:58am
Yet another new study published in Science Translational Medicine shows that chemotherapy promotes cancer metastasis. 
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How You Run Reflects How You Feel

Prevent Disease - July 7, 2017 - 5:06pm
Love a good run, but keep getting leg injuries? That could be because the way we run puts the brunt of jogging's hard impact shocks on our lower limbs.
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Blueprint for peace for humanity Broadcasts

Keshe Foundation - July 3, 2017 - 5:00pm


Continuation on Tuesday, July 4th @ 10AM CEST!  Join with the links below. 





Blueprint for Peace for Humanity - Day 3

July 4, 2017 Starting at 10am CEST


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Why Artists Think Differently Compared To Other People

Prevent Disease - July 1, 2017 - 5:11pm
When asked to talk about images of places, painters are more likely to describe the depicted space as a two-dimensional image, while architects are more likely to focus on paths and the boundaries of the space.
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Blueprint for peace for humanity - Day 2

Keshe Foundation - June 30, 2017 - 5:00pm


Continuation on Monday, July 3rd @ 10AM CEST!  Join with the links below. 





Blueprint for Peace for Humanity - Day 2

July 3, 2017 Starting at 10am CEST


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Blueprint for peace for humanity - Day 1

Keshe Foundation - June 30, 2017 - 4:25am





Blueprint for Peace for Humanity - Day 1

June 30, 2017


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Your Real Age May Be Older or Younger Than Your Years

Prevent Disease - June 28, 2017 - 6:44am
Age is a peculiar concept. We tend to think of it as the number of birthdays we have celebrated -- our chronological age. But this is just one indicator of the passage of time. We also have a biological age, a measure of how quickly the cells in our body are deteriorating compared with the general population. And these two figures don't always match up.
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Blueprint for peace for humanity

Keshe Foundation - June 27, 2017 - 8:46pm



Blueprint for Peace for Humanity

June 29, 2017 9 am CET


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Why Do Migraine Sufferers Find Relief In Darkness?

Prevent Disease - June 27, 2017 - 4:57am
People experiencing migraines often avoid light and find relief in darkness. A new study led by researchers at Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center has revealed a previously unknown connection between the light-sensitive nerve cells in the eye and centers in the brain that regulate mood and a host of physical parameters such as heart rate, shortness of breath, fatigue, congestion and nausea.
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Are You An Emotional Eater? The 7 Types of Eaters

Prevent Disease - June 26, 2017 - 5:38am
Reaching out for that bar of chocolate or potato chips when you're feeling low, upset or tired is a situation that most of us are familiar with. Emotional eaters tend to lose the least amount of weight and have the hardest time keeping it off. Food has the uncanny ability to make us feel better but to depending on it for emotional support does more harm than good in the long run. Whether you're a diet junkie, a comfort eater or a binger, most people fall under one of these categories. Here's how to snap out of your problematic patterns and find the right solution that works for you.
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Your Grandparents' Experiences Can Affect Your Genes

Prevent Disease - June 23, 2017 - 6:13am
Studies of human populations suggest that our health and longevity could be affected by the diets and experiences of our grandparents. For example, studies of a small community in northern Sweden where detailed historical records were kept found correlations between food availability for one generation and the mortality rate for that generation's grandchildren.
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How To Curb All Inflammation In Your Body

Prevent Disease - June 22, 2017 - 6:37am
Coping with modern life can sometimes feel like a remorseless treadmill. Many of us end up exhausted, with a vague feeling that all this pressure can't be doing us any good. But we do it anyway, driven by the notion that stress is for wimps. And there's always a glass of wine and a takeaway to look forward to at the end of the week. Big mistake. Far from being for wimps, physical and psychological stress are major triggers of a modern scourge that has been linked with every malady from heart disease, depression and chronic pain to neurodegenerative diseases.
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One Simple Step To Influence Your DNA

Prevent Disease - June 21, 2017 - 7:04am
One of the things I do most when I discuss metaphysics is explore concepts related to light and darkness and their integration. It's one of my passions. I love duality at its core. We're made of it so we should know it quite well. But I find those who wish to enter the heart center to a greater extent struggle with this integration and thus find tremendous difficulty transitioning aspects of ego.
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Blood Test Determines Which Diet Works Best

Prevent Disease - June 15, 2017 - 6:02am
Researchers presented new data demonstrating that blood sugar (glucose) and/or fasting insulin should be used to select the right diet, particularly for people with prediabetes and diabetes.
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Mothers Will Risk Their Life For Their Children Because Of This One Hormone

Prevent Disease - June 14, 2017 - 5:33am
From birds to mammals, from fish to reptiles, the immediate reaction to an impending threat to the animal itself is usually to flee or to stop moving in an attempt to go unnoticed. However, when parents feel threatened in the presence of their young, their reaction is completely different: they seek to protect them. What happens in the brains of the parents for them to to be willing to sacrifice their own life in the interest of their offspring's safety?
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The Sun's Benefits Go Way Beyond Vitamin D

Prevent Disease - June 12, 2017 - 6:43am
The sun has got his hat on, our moods feel lighter and we are gripped by a desire to soak up some solar rays. But no, we keep being told: the threat of skin cancer makes this potentially lethal.
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70 Percent of Home Blood Pressure Monitors Are Inaccurate

Prevent Disease - June 8, 2017 - 6:50am
Seventy per cent of readings from home blood pressure monitors are unacceptably inaccurate, which could cause serious implications for people who rely on them to make informed health decisions, new UAlberta research reveals.
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